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Mastering the Art of Piano Relocation: Your Guide to Safe Moving and Storage

Nestled in the heart of Hailey, Idaho, our serene winter wonderland is home to music enthusiasts who treasure their pianos. At Sun Valley Transfer, we understand that moving and storing a grand piano requires a symphony of precision and care. This article is your comprehensive guide to ensuring your piano remains in perfect harmony, even through a move or seasonal storage.
Moving Tips:
  • Preparation is Key: Begin by securing the piano’s keys and pedals. Use padding to protect its surface.
  • The Right Team: Moving a grand piano is not a solo act. It requires a team, preferably professionals who understand its intricacies.
  • Transportation: A climate-controlled moving vehicle is crucial. Sudden temperature changes can be harmful to your instrument.


Storage Tips:
  • Climate Control: Store your piano in a climate-controlled environment. Consistent temperature and humidity levels are vital.
  • Positioning: Avoid placing your piano near windows or exterior walls where temperature fluctuations are more likely.
  • Regular Tuning: Even in storage, a piano needs care. Schedule regular tuning and maintenance checks.

At Sun Valley Transfer, we hit the right note every time, ensuring your piano’s journey from home to storage and back is as melodious as its music. Trust us to keep your piano in concert-ready condition, no matter the season.