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How to communicate with your movers

Informing movers about how to handle your belongings properly is essential for a smooth move. Here’s what you should communicate to ensure your items are treated with care:

  • Detailed Inventory:
    • Provide them with a detailed list of items, especially if you have fragile or valuable ones. This will help them anticipate the type of care and materials needed for each item.
  • Clear Labelling:
    • Mark boxes containing delicate items as “Fragile” or “Handle with Care.”
    • Use “This Side Up” labels for boxes that need to be kept in a specific orientation.
    • Specify the contents on the box label, such as “Glassware” or “Electronics.”
  • Point Out High-Value Items:
    • Inform the movers about any high-value items, artworks, antiques, or heirlooms. This can ensure they receive additional attention and protection.
    • You might want to consider additional insurance for these items, just in case.
  • Specific Packing Requests:
    • If you have specific preferences or instructions about how certain items should be packed or wrapped, communicate these beforehand.
  • Potential Hazards:
    • Inform the movers of any items that might pose a risk, such as items with sharp edges, broken parts, or anything that’s unstable.
  • Unpacking Preferences:
    • If you have specific places where you want certain items or boxes to be placed in your new home, inform the movers. It might be helpful to create a floor plan or label rooms in the new space.
  • Special Handling Instructions:
    • Some items might have specific handling requirements, such as plants, musical instruments, or electronics. Give clear guidelines on how these should be moved.
  • Feedback and Communication:
    • If you notice any practices that concern you on moving day, politely bring them to the movers’ attention. Positive feedback can also be encouraging when they’re doing a great job.
  • Be Available:
    • Stay available for questions or clarifications. Sometimes, despite clear instructions, movers might encounter situations where they’re unsure about the best approach. Your availability can help resolve these uncertainties quickly.
  • Choose a Reputable Moving Company:
    • A reputable moving company will typically train its staff in best practices for handling belongings. Read reviews, ask for recommendations, and verify the company’s credentials before hiring.
  • Consider Packing Yourself:
    • For items that you’re particularly concerned about, you might choose to pack them yourself. This way, you have full control over how they’re wrapped and boxed.
  • Gratitude:
    • Consider providing refreshments or tips for the movers. Showing appreciation can be a great motivator for them to handle your belongings with extra care.


Remember, clear communication is key. The more information and guidance you provide, the better equipped the movers will be to handle your belongings safely and efficiently.